Some Student Tips

Some quick tips:

  • Please don’t adopt the attitude that if you just sit in the class, you will pass.
  • If you come to me at the end of the semester and say: “I will do anything to pass”, I will not be happy. If you haven’t done anything all semester, I will say that you should build a time machine, go back and study.
  • The summer session can be tough. It is super fast. You should get into the habit of doing homework every night. If you wait until the last minute and try to cram everything in, you will likely have a bunch of trouble. Really, this method doesn’t work.
  • Do the homework and ask questions. If you ask questions, I will know how to help you. If you don’t ask questions there really isn’t anything I can do to help you.
  • I suggest that you think of physics as though it were gym. You join the gym to get stronger. How do you do this? You work out. Suppose you went in to work out, but you didn’t sweat and you weren’t sore afterwards. Do you think this would be a useful workout? No. Physics is the same way.
  • For the videos I post. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is a time to get out the popcorn and have some fun. Things may seem to make sense when I go over the solution, but you need to be able to come up with your own solutions. Watch the videos more than once. Pause them, replay them. Oh, if you watch them in class, I am going to go crazy. I can’t handle hearing myself talk.

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