Standards and Assessment

Ok, I think I have this figured out. Each Thursday there will be a quiz. It will cover at least two standards. Here is the order of the standards.

  1. Unit Conversions, Vectors
  2. 1-D Kinematics, Graphs and Kinematics
  3. 2-D Kinematics, Relative Velocity
  4. Free Body Diagrams, The Momentum Principle
  5. Centripetal Acceleration, Friction
  6. Work-Energy Principle, Potential Energy
  7. Collisions

I plan to have an extra standard – Numerical Calculations. Maybe you can be assessed on this standard and it can replace your lowest standard.

Note: There is still the final exam. It will essentially cover all of these standards. So, you can’t just pass something and forget about it. I haven’t fully decided on how you can be reassessed. I think for now I will say that you need to tell me at least a day before hand when and what you want to be reassessed on. Ideally, you should just come in my office and show me that you have an understanding of that particular material. It would be great if you came up with a way to convince me. Otherwise, I will probably give you some questions to work on the board.


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