A note about scores and standards

So, I am giving you back your assessment for units and vectors.  Each page should have a score out of 10 points (well, really 5-10).  Maybe it is clear, but maybe it isn’t, so here is what each number means.

  • 10 = it seems pretty clear to me that you have mastered this standard
  • 9 = you are still pretty awesome on this standard – you know, like an A
  • 8 = this would be a grade of B
  • 7 = pretty average
  • 6 = not so great
  • 5 = you tried something, but that is about all I can say.
What next?  Well, if you are fine with your score – you are fine.  If you want to demonstrate to me that you have a better level of understanding, just email me.  Tell me when you want to meet (during one of my office hours) and what standard you want to discuss.  When you come in, you can either come up with your own way of convincing me you understand the standard, or I will have you work a problem on the board or something.
You can only do one standard a day and you have to let me know before hand.

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