How do you calculate your grade?

This was one of the questions that was submitted last week. And here is how.

First, what does the syllabus say? Honestly, I can’t remember. I have to look it up just like you. Here is the important part: 80% on the standards and 20% for the final exam.

Now for the details. First, what is a weighted average? How about what is an average? If I have 4 variables and I want to average them, this is what I would do:

Ok. Now what if the value for x1 is 50% of the grade and the other 3 are the other 50%. To find the average, I would need to “weight” x1 more. Here is how I would calculate that:

What about the grade for this course? Well, you have two things: standards and the final. This means I will use the following to determine your grade:

Simple. OH, I know – this isn’t what you want. You want to know what grade you need on the final exam. Right? Unfortunately, there really isn’t an answer to this question. There is no answer since you don’t have all the grades for the standards. But we can pretend. Let’s say you have an 85% (0.85) average on all the standards. What grade would you need on the final to get an A (90%) in the course?

Let me put those values into the grade calculation.

Algebraically solving for f:

A grade of 1.1 on the final means 110%. So, you really can’t get an A. But what about a B? Using the exact same equation above, but replacing the 0.9 with a 0.8, I get:

You need to get higher than a 60% on the final to get a B. Got it?


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