How do you like to communicate?

Now that we have gotten to know each other, we need to know how to communicate. Here are some options:

  • Google Plus
  • Commenting here on this course page
  • Twitter – with some hashtag that we make up

I don’t want to use email. Why? What if Jane asks a question that is very interesting and useful for Bob? If it was a question via email, only Jane would see the response. If this question was posted on twitter, everyone could participate.

So tell me what you want to do.

6 Responses to How do you like to communicate?

  1. Shane Elliott says:

    G+ works for me

  2. Steve Freeney says:

    I haven’t tried Google + yet, but I’d be willing to give it a shot. I think Twitter’s character limitations could be problematic, so my vote is for commenting here or Google + if a lot of others recommend it.

  3. Chet Parrott says:

    I’m for G+, have to go get an account; still annoyed that they don’t support apps integration yet…

  4. Shane Elliott says:

    I’m extremely against twitter. G+ offers better privacy from public with their circle systems.

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