PLAB 223 Assessment #1

At the beginning of class on Lab 4, we will have the first assessment.  It should take less than 1 hour.  Here are the topics that will be included.

  • Vectors
  • The momentum principle in 1-dimension
  • The basics of numerical calculations
  • The basics of measurement and uncertainty
  • Motion of an object with constant acceleration
  • Interpret and use graphs for motion in 1-D.
Here are some sample questions:
1. Vectors – look at the practice sheet posted in blackboard.
2. Write a sample part of a python code so that a it will create a ball located at position <5, -4, 6> m with a radius of 3 meters.
3. Make another ball at position <6, 2, -7> m with a radius of 2 meters.
4. Create a yellow arrow that points from the ball in question 2 to the ball in question 3.
5. Here is a graph of position-time for a cart with a fan on it.
Is the force on this cart constant or not?  How do you know?  How would you convince a friend that you are correct?
6. An object is dropped from rest at a height of 1.33 meters.  How long will it take to hit the ground?  What is the speed when it hits the ground?
7. If I give you position-time data, you should be able to plot it on graph paper and by using a best-fit line find the acceleration.
8. Suppose you launch a cart towards a force detector with a spring.  The cart has a mass of 330 grams with an initial speed of 1.2 m/s to the left.  After contact with the spring, the cart is moving with a speed of 0.8 m/s to the right.  If you were to find the area under the force-time graph, what would you expect to find for this situation?

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