Chemistry and Physics Seminar

There is a good chance that you are either a Chemistry or Physics major.  If so, you should really consider going to the Chemistry and Physics Seminar.  The previous link has the schedule.

Basically, the seminar is a 50 minute lecture from someone.  That someone could be a SELU faculty, faculty from somewhere else or even a student.  The topics and level have a wide range.  The most important thing to realize about seminars is that you NEVER know when there will be great seminar.  You can’t tell from the title (trust me – I have been surprised many times).  So just go.  You will get something out of it.

The seminar is at 12:00 on Friday’s in Pursley 211.  This coming Friday, Dr. Little will talk about her adventures in creating a textbook (I think).  If you want to write a review/summary of a seminar that you went to and you post it on your blog, that can count as one of your 4 things you need to do for PHYS 130.


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