Next homework question

I call this question “share a link”. Post a link to something you think is cool. I will even start. Check this out.

I am going to build one of these. Then I will write a blog post about it to count as one of my 4 things for this class.

6 Responses to Next homework question

  1. Steve Freeney says:

    Okay, here’s some cool things. First, this…

    That’s a picture of the very first Orion space capsule being built, just across the lake in New Orleans East at the Michoud Assembly Facility. That’s what our astronauts will be riding into space now that the shuttle is retired.

    Next up…

    Ever wondered what we’ll make transistors from when we exceed silicon’s physical limitations? Looks like it’s going to be graphene.

    • There are two problems with graphene that I am aware of: The carbon atoms are difficult to be made flat, reducing conductive efficiency, and for it to operate as a near super conductor, without a flat shape, it has to be cooled down a significant amount. With that said, The possible implication of graphene are mind blowing. It is super strong, I read that if an elephant could balance on a pencil, the force would not be great enough to penetrate a layer of grahene that is as thick as seranwrap!!

      • Steve Freeney says:

        The article mentions growing a layer of epitaxial graphene an atom thick on a wafer, as opposed to the old mechanical process. Much closer to existing tech, and more scalable.

  2. Dr. Feynman offers an interesting thought experiment on waves in a pool compared to waves of light and how we interpret them.
    ( Pardon Dr. Feynman’s sexist remark in the beginning.)

  3. Sean says:

    You may find this interesting – five videos on the nature of time. What is it really? And how will it end…

    For those of you who are thinking of going into Astrophysics, or perhaps are simply just interested in the concepts themselves, is a great place to go to keep up to date on what is going on in the universe.

    I posted this link in our previous homework assignment, but I figured I’d post it again simple because it really is a great resource for some of the beginner physics.

    We learn by experiment right? Those simulations are great for beginner physics.

    And if you like games, check out:

    Been a while since I played, but they were at least amusing (if not related to physics at all).

  4. irioth says:

    Okay, just had to post this to make sure that everyone saw it. I’m probably just restating something that everyone already has seen.

    “e=mc^2 bogus??”

    No guarantee yet, but… it might have promise. Or might be disproved when they fire up the one in the Fermilab. Check it out though.

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