PHYS 130: Things 3 and 4

Bookmark this post.  Here you can post your 3rd and 4th thing you need to do for PHYS 130.  In order for me to have time to grade them, all things must be posted by November 28.


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  1. Here’s a post I wrote about a professor who says the guys that won the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics are wrong. Not because of their conclusions, but because of their interpretation of the original data.

    • Caleb says:

      That was very interesting. Its great to actually see someone seriously and publicly challenge someone whenever they make some grand statement about the universe and win a nobel prize.

  2. Dr. Allain,
    I am trying to learn python and I want to submit a simple program in python for my next assignment. How should I submit the program ?


  3. Here is a post, I wrote about the different fields of physics with a very short description. Hope, everyone will find it useful. Thanks

  4. Hi, I have written a blog about my presentation at the 78th annual meeting of Southeastern Section of American Physics Society and I have also attached a link for my presentation slides that I used there. Hope you will like it. Do comment on my post and If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks

  5. Sean says:

    Hey, so I thought I would make it easy for everyone to get the latest version of VPython (3.1). I’ve already set it all up (there was not much to do but it took me some time to figure it out) so that it will run on any flash drive from any computer. All you have to do is download the zip file from where I uploaded it on rapidshare, and use some utility (such as WinZip – its free, just google it) to unzip it into the main directory of your flash drive. It is important NOT to unzip the file into any subdirectories. Just leave it in the one its in, put it on your drive, and “Extract Here.” There is one other thing that must occasionally be done (when you are using VIdle – the editing software – in a different letter drive than it is setup for), which I’ll probably create a short video tutorial of. Here is the rapidshare link for the ready-to-go VPython3.1.

    Just click the button that says “Save to computer,” and stick it on the drive.

    Also, I’ll include a link to the video tutorials that I learned the basics of Projectile Motion Programming from. I had no part in creating these videos, they were made by Erik Thompson. But they are good for the beginner nevertheless.

  6. Here is my third post.

    I had some trouble getting the videos on the page but the links will take you to the video.

  7. Here is my 4th post.
    I compiled some of my favorite videos by the SixtySymbols youtube channel. They are so many to choose from and they are all really cool.

  8. Ray Butler says:

    I didn’t see the first 2 things, but here are mine. Just so you have them.

  9. Dilip Kharel says:

    This is my third post, and this time it is a video explaining about the harmonics of sound.

  10. I had been to the Astronomy night on Nov 28, 2011 at 7:30 pm. We viewed Jupiter and two of its twelve satellites. It was fun to watch Jupiter but all we could see was a big ball of light with two tiny sights revolving around it. That was cool to watch.

  11. According to some researches conducted in recent days, it is revealed that water’s structure can be changed by using external influences. It is not that the orientation of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecule change, it’s the structure of water molecules that changes. We all know that water molecules come together to form certain types of structure. These structures can made and destroyed by the external influences. They can effect human body and mind in various ways. It is also found that the energy levels of properly structured water is higher that the unstructured water. According to some research, it is found that the fresh water in spring is 40 thousands times more energetic than the bottled pure water. This highly energetic water can be a secret to good health and mind. So it can be said that, there are many things that need to be researched in water’s structure. It can open a whole new area of research. According to some scientists, the structured water is useful foe all the living beings because it has come kind of electro-magnetic energy stored in it.
    Some of the videos relating to research conducted on this anomalous behavior of water are given below:-

    • Oh man, no offense, but this is a big ol pile of dung. The first video is riddled with inaccuracies. First, they state water is an element. Wrong. Then they ask “who bestowed water and why?” Trying to open the door for supernatural explanations, obviously, a fact supported by the fact that two of the videos are by rabbis. Also, the guy mispronounces “bestowed” “bestauwed”, and that just ticks me off. Here’s a link to some info about why structured water is nonsense…

      Here’s another link, from well known and respected skeptic and bunk disprover James Randi, in which he also says it’s garbage.

      Read it, learn it, love it. Real science FTW!

  12. Dilip Kharel says:

    This is my fourth THING.. It is a video about weirdness of Quantum Experiments.

    and this one’s about the difference in dimensions.

  13. ethanmartin says:

    Third Assignment

    Hey I have done a speech at my fraternity as my physics assignment. In my speech I talked about what physics is and some examples of how physics relates to everyday life. Also in my speech I opened up for questions and I answered them. This was a great experience and they seemed to enjoy my speech.

    Ethan Martin

  14. masonspratt says:

    Number 4

    This is a pulsejet engine. The way it works is by using an ignition source, compressed air and a flammable gas, it has a reaction in the chamber causing ignition.

  15. Sean says:

    Hey, Sean here. I presented my baseball program in class today, just a reminder to count that one in as my 4th and final thing. And I’ll try to post the video tutorials and such as soon as possible, but with finals coming up I am very busy so it may be a day or two.


  16. I used bottles with different levels of water to produce the major scale of Do Re Mi Fas Ti Do Ost. I was able to make this by using the wave length formula. After I had all the work worked out I used a synthesizer to make sure it was all correct. Then I was able to play songs with it!!

  17. Keaton Carter says:

    Things 3 and 4.

    For my last two things I went to my old school and did two presentations; one for the 12th grade class and one for the 11th grade class. My demonstration was the difference between kinetic and potential energy. I used a toy bow and arrow and a toy car to demonstrate kinetic energy and an apple on a string to demonstrate potential energy. I cut the string on the apple to show how potential energy could be converted to kinetic. They seemed to think it was pretty interesting and a few told me it gave them a better visual image of potential and kinetic energy. So I would say it was a success.

  18. ethanmartin says:

    This is my fourth Physics assignment.

    Ethan Martin


  19. Dylan Fitzgerald says:

    This is the third of my four things.

    I used two toy cars to represent a smart car and an 18-wheeler. I was displaying momentum. I displayed how the weight of an object such as an 18-wheeler is more than that of a smart car. Momentum involves weight so the more weight of a car, the more momentum. A friend and I pushed the cars towards eachother using a spring and measured how long the distance was they were pushed back.

    This is the fourth of my four things.

    Another experiment I did was with a water filled bucket. In the experiment I displayed how if you spin a water bucket around really fast, the water will stay in the bucket. The gravity is pushing upword which makes the water stay in the bucket and not fall on your head. This was a fun experiment that I enjoyed doing.

  20. More fun facts from Seth: your go to guy for random stuff.

    Thing 3 and Thing 4

  21. Casey Guitreau says:
    Here is a link to my 3rd and 4th physics things

  22. Blog # 4
    a short video of Waves in a Large Free Sphere of Water

  23. Crews12 says:

    This is my third thing, an interesting read on antimatter. Will the laws of physics be rewritten?

  24. Crews12 says:

    Here is my fourth thing, a story of the $2.5B land rover that was sent to Mars. It is expected to land around August of 2012.

    Saints > Giants 🙂

  25. Apsana Shrestha says:

    I have put my two assignments in the same blog…here it goes

  26. James Patterson says:

    here’s 3

    First is the Mythbusters doing the bullet drop experiment. The video is just of the final experiment. It’s the classic projectile dropped versus projectile fired, do they hit the floor at the same time.

  27. James Patterson says:

    heres the 4th

    its also the Mythbusters, this time doing “Newton’s Cradle.” All about the momentum principle being the transfer of momentum between the balls to keep them swinging.

  28. Robertherbert says:

    here is two videos that one of my friends got me to watch. It is something that most people don’t think about and it gets you thinking. I hope ya’ll like it as much as I did!!
    Part one –
    and part two –
    let me know what you think of it. I would like to hear what ya’ll say.

  29. Erica Dardar says:

    I went to a seminar and this is what happen:

    I went to seminar given by a chemistry professor from Taxes A and M on the use of polymers. The basis of it was the professor had invented his own type of polymer, and he presented data on how he uses the polymer to filter different types of substances.

    *Note: The professor presented his findings on a higher than average knowledge basis of chemistry.

  30. Erica Dardar says:

    I went to a seminar presented by Dr. Benjamin Wiley, a chemistry professor from Duke University, on nano technology. It was actually quite interesting. He was talking about his work with nano wire and how it can be used in touch screen technology. As a grad student he developed silver nano wire as an alternative to the more expensive Indium Tin Oxide, what is currently being used as the standard. Unfortunately, the silver nano grids were not as conductive as the ITO. So what he moved on to was trying it with copper wire because copper has greater conductivity than silver and also even cheaper. At first the copper nano wire was not a “fine” as the silver wire so it was causing clumping in the nano mesh. After many test, a way to make the wires thinner and longer was found. This helped with the overall quality of the conductivity of the copper mesh for touch technology.

  31. Elliot Crosby says:

    My thrid thing was talking to a physics class at my old highschool, st. stanislaus. I talked about motion, speed, velocity, and the things that go with them such as distance and time. The class was really interested in it and my highschool physics teacher, Cherota, was happy with my lecture type thing. Overall it was pretty cool and we got to play with cars to demonstrate it, which in itself is awesome.

    My fourth this is posted here:
    It is a cross bow with a fruit (grenade) laucher attachment. Its made out of PVC, a BBgun stock, bungee cord, and electrical tape. The bow part works, but I need to work out the kinks on the fruit launcher. The first blast blew the cap off the back making it all funky looking.

  32. Ray Butler says:

    Ray Butler:

    Thing #3

    One example of hydroponics.

    Always loved, mythbusters.

  33. Drexel Verrette says:

    I went to my highschool and built a catapult using bungy cords, weights and wood. It took me 3 days but I made a blue print and also had calculations of how much weight would be needed to make a soda can fly and how far it would go. I had 7 different trials each trial launching a can 5 times with the same weight.

  34. Drexel Verrette says:

    My 4th thing

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