Grades and stuff

First, a quick note. I hate blackboard. Trust me, it is not good. I should know too – I think it was probably 1996 when I made my first webpage for a class. So there.

Next, I posted your grades on blackboard. For the standards, I have listed the ones we have done with your latest score. If you recently submitted a reassessment screencast, I have not adjusted your grade for that yet.

Speaking of reassessments, if you submit a screencast for reassessment (and some have so far and they look nice) make sure it is clear what standard the assessment is for. Either write it on your screencast or explicitly label it when you send me the link.

For labs, it seems I am missing some lab grades. If you don’t have a grade for one of your labs, submit the link to that lab in the comments below and I will grade it.


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