Some Interesting Questions

Need an idea for a cool reassessment?  Here are some random thoughts.

  • It requires less energy to launch a spacecraft in orbit from the equator than it does from the poles.  Why?  How much of a difference?
  • What if you wrapped a string around your bicycle wheel and attached a weight.  As the weight fell, the wheel would spin faster.  By measuring how long it takes to fall, can you determine the moment of inertia of your wheel?
  • How much water would it take so that you could make Saturn (the planet) float – if it were a rigid object.  I already know the answer to this one and I am going to post it on Friday – but here is your chance to figure it out first.
  • If you could throw a ping pong ball super fast, how far could you make it go?  This one requires some numerical calculations.
  • Here is another famous one. Suppose Tarzan is swinging on a vine.  At what point should he let go so that he travels the farthest after letting go?
  • You want to use a video in a question – here are some awesome videos.  You don’t even need to analyze the videos because they have measurements right in the video.

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