More Glowscript tutorials

Here are a whole bunch of Glowscript tutorials.  Before you look at them, I have to make a note:  These were created for a different course.  In that course, it does not use the Newton’s second law like you have seen it.  Instead, it uses the momentum principle.  First, let me define momentum as:

\vec{p} = m\vec{v}

Now we can write the momentum principle as:

\vec{F}_\text{net} = \frac{\Delta \vec{p}}{\Delta t}

So, instead of the velocity update formula you have used before, this updates momentum and position as:

\vec{p}_2 = \vec{p}_1 +\vec{F}\Delta t

\vec{r}_2 = \vec{r}_1 +\left(\frac{\vec{p}_2}{m}\right)\Delta t

Now, here are the tutorials:


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