Numerical Calculations

Ok, there are going to be lots of details in this post, so read carefully.

First, in class I showed two numerical calculations.  The first one was using projectile motion and the second was a mass connected to a spring.  Those are both links to the programs.  You can view the code and change things to see what happens.

Second, the numerical calculation standard.  This is optional, but if you want to make a screencast showing a numerical calculation (in whatever programming language makes you happy) you can submit this and it will replace your lowest standard.  Here the details.

  • Must be a screencast going over your program and showing that it runs.
  • Explain how you know it’s realistic.
  • Due by July 6.
  • I will score based on the following: 5 points for a case with a non-constant force that is interesting and non-trivial (not just a repeat of my example) 4 points for constant force (but not my example)  3 points for a case with constant velocity.

Other stuff.  Here is some help.  I will make a screen cast on using glowscript soon.

Here is my most basic explanation of numerical calculations.

Here is another version of the same thing.

Numerical Calculation in a spreadsheet



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